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Ergonomics - Made for You

Think of recent automobile, mattress or gadget advertisements you may have seen. Have you noticed the term ‘Ergonomically designed’ being used repetitively? What does it mean; and why is it important?
The word ‘Ergonomics’ comes from the Greek words ‘Ergon’ meaning ‘to work’ and ‘Nomos’ meaning ‘Natural law’. Ergonomics studies human abilities and limitations, and applies them to the designing of products or places.
Ergonomics applies to the designing of everything that involves people. This can include work spaces, work tools, products/objects of everyday consumption, sports equipment and a lot more.
An office needs to be comfortably designed to suit the needs of the employees working there; ensuring their safety and high productivity. User-friendly desks, chairs that minimize aches and pains, anti-skid floor tiles, and the like, come under the purview of Ergonomics.
The total economic cost of work related injuries and illnesses can be drastically reduced through the use of efficiently designed implements. Household items like scissors, tongs, knives and pillows; sports equipment like racquets and gloves or industrial tools like cutters and saws can cause stress or serious injuries if not in harmony with the body that is going to use them.
Ergonomists study human body postures in different work environments, the effects of object-use on our limbs, and help create tools that have minimum negative impact yet provide maximum output. This stream uses data from several other sciences like social psychology, anthropometry, biomechanics, etc.
Your utensils have handles, so you can pick up anything hot with ease. Your mouse pads now come with a palm rest to reduce stress induced by long working hours. Ear phones are designed to fit snugly into your ears and not fall off. Baby sacks help mothers carry their infants easily without putting pressure on their back or making the baby uncomfortable. Wheel chairs and walkers are meant to give maximum comfort to senior citizens or patients using them.
If you take a look around, you will notice that each and every object has an ergonomic design. From height adjustable car seats to flexible toothbrushes, ergonomics is an indispensable part of our lives.

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