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Google Doodles.

Today, Google is synonymous with search engines. We all might be using it about a dozen times a day or even more. The usual Google doodle with red, blue, green, yellow letters is familiar to all of us. But often we notice different, colourful, images that depict particular stories- the special Google doodles that are put in place to celebrate significant dates or people.

The first Google Doodle honoured the Burning Man festival in 1998. Since 2000, a team of Doodlers designs the wonderfully creative and recently, even interactive doodles that engage many users on the site.

Google doodles have really helped us discover important people and events in world history that could have otherwise gone unnoticed by a large chunk of the population. In the past decade, Google has given us some extremely innovative doodles,
honouring people from different fields and celebrating the spirit of sports, art, culture and society.

On 9 th June 2011, Google paid tribute to musician and inventor Les Paul with a beautiful electric guitar doodle. On 10th August 2012, Google updated its doodle for Soccer passion across the world. Google celebrated Earth Day on 22 nd April 2014 with a collection of five animated doodles that portrayed various land, water and air creatures. Google is also known to create country specific doodles and Google India has amazed us all with its detailed and informative doodles about Indian personalities and special events for the country.

Every year, Google India has special contributions for our Republic Day, Independence Day and Festivals like Holi and Christmas. Apart from these, Google never fails to honour eminent Indian personalities in the field of music, dance, science, mathematics, teaching, cinema and sports on birth and death anniversaries.

Conferring of prestigious awards and medals also shows us on the Google India homepage in the form of beautiful doodles. Earlier, Google doodles were never animated or hyperlinked, but just images with hovertext that spoke of the subject or special greeting. Google’s first animated doodle came out in January 2010, honouring Sir Isaac Newton, followed by the first interactive doodle celebrating Pacman.

Google also conducts competitions for school students in different countries, to create their own Google doodles called ‘Doodle 4 Google’. Winning doodles go onto the Doodle 4 Google website, where the public can vote for the winner. The winner gets a trip to theGoogleplex and the winning doodle is hosted for 24 hours on the Googlewebsite.

Do check out the Google homepage every day to see the amazingly creative work the Doodlers are churning out 24/7.