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Peppy Production : Website

Peppy Production is a creative video production house. They tell the stories you want to share with the world but through videos and effective direction. Peppy Production is a team of talented individuals who continually support each other and grow together. Their love for camera and stories is the backbone of their work and can be progressively seen in their videos.

Given the task of revamping their website was indeed very interesting. The website lacked responsiveness, our challenge was to make it mobile friendly. A brand that was very clear on its vision and mission, we had to help them in being able to show their talents in the right manner.

The theme used for their website was minimal as their work brought a lot of creativity. The theme worked in contrast and brought the art of their work forward, thus complimenting their projects. The website designed by us, fulfilled the idea that Peppy Productions worked on, by showing the audience the stories that they had crafted through their services.

Link to their website :