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Red Dot Award.

We have all heard of literary prizes and awards for cinema, music and dance. Awards for designing, innovation, copywriting and the like may be less, but they are prestigious nevertheless.

The Red Dot Award is an international award presented by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Essen, Germany. The Red Dot Award is given to the best product designs in three distinct categories- the Red Dot Award: Product DesignRed Dot Award: Communication Design and Red Dot Award: Design Concept. Each competition is organised once every year and this competition witnessed more than 15000 submissions from 70 countries in 2014.

The origins of this award date back to 1955 and the Red Dot Award: Product Design is the oldest among the three disciplines.  From products to communication projects and packaging to design concepts and prototypes, the Red Dot Award takes note of design trends across the world each year in 48 different categories.

The Red Dot Award: Communication Design is presented for achievements in corporate design, advertising, sound design and interactive media.

The evaluation process goes on for several days and the judging panel consists of distinguished international jury members. All entries are evaluated on an individual basis and not in comparison with one another.

The winners are honoured at the Red Dot Gala and their entries are displayed in the Red Dot Design Museums, as well as featuring in the Red Dot Design Yearbook.

The yearbooks of the Red Dot Award have been considered international reference works for excellent design. Companies, journalists, architects, planners, designers and people all over the world who are interested in design use the books for their day-to-day work and keep them as collectors’ items and an archive of excellent design.

There is also a non-submission award presented annually since 1988 called the Red Dot: Design Team of the Year, that goes to design teams across the world who have shown unparalleled design skills and innovation. In recent years, this award has been won by the following teams-

2017   Canyon Design Team

2016   Blackmagic Industrial Design Team led by Simon Kidd

2015   Robert Sachon & Bosch Home Appliances Design Team

2014   Veryday

2013   Lenovo Design & User Experience Team

2012   Michael Mauer & Style Porsche

2011   Paul Flowers and the Grohe Design Team


Winners receive their certificates and trophies but the most prestigious and sought after prize is the Red Dot Logo that they can proudly flaunt on their designs, which leads to great marketing and PR for the individual or company.


This year the Red Dot Gala will be held on 9 July 2018 in the Aalto-Theater in Essen- the final celebratory highlight to mark the close of the competition. All prize winners of the Red Dot: Best of the Best are granted the special honour of receiving the Red Dot Trophy on stage in the presence of around 1,200 guests from all over the world, including design stars, media representatives, business experts, and political figures.