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The history of Infographics.

Infographics are that part of design world which bring together signs, charts, text and images turning the data into a visual information. Infographics makes the data easier to understand and attracts more attention at the same time.


We could not stop wondering whether the cave paintings from 30,000 B.C. form a part of infographics, as they most certainly fulfilled the basic criteria. Egyptians also used the same method to capture the activities of their era.


As we move ahead in time, the modern history of infographics might as well start with William Playfair, an innovator in Statistical Graphics. In 1786, he published his work which displayed various bar charts, line graphs and histograms that represented the England economy at that time. English Nurse Florence Nightingale used information graphics in 1857 – a coxcomb chart, to sway Queen Victoria in improving conditions in military hospitals.


A huge development in the history of infographics was seen in 1933, with Harry Beck’s map of London tube showing only lines to depict routes and stations. This trend was then taken up by many. In 1972, Olt Aicher created a set of pictograms that featured stylized human figures, simplifying things for travelers and tourists, for the Munich Olympics. These human figures grew in their popularity over the years.


The year 1975 introduced the world to father of data visualization, Edward Tufte. He along with John Tukey, developed a seminar on statistical graphics. Tufte later self- published Visual Display in 1982 which established him as an infographics expert.


In the recent history, creating infographics has become easier with the help of web- based data visualization design tools. Curating motion infographics and interactive infographics has also become possible with the help of these tools. With the developing technology it is hard to put a limit to the possibilities with infographics. They have a bright future in today’s world.