This is Dieter, a template for agencies and freelancers who are not afraid to stand out.

Know The Story

Wideshouts was created to bring such a design language in the market that wins the heart and rule the minds of the people. When we started we questioned everything! Who are we going to work with? What would a design studio be like? And we have cherished every answer since then.

We do not serve you with a cold dish. We start from the scratch, every time, for every customer, with every project. Where is the excitement in repeating what’s already done? No can do, sir.

Aimless wandering has never suited our tastes, we execute ideas. Ideas that fascinate you, keep you up at nights and makes you want to give up everything else for that idea. We burn the midnight oil to turn those ideas into reality.  The moment of project completion is a liberating experience and we never forget to celebrate.

We believe in the philosophy of evolution and we use it in our design, strategies, content. We are evolution ready with our services for you.

Our Mission Possible

Our mission is to celebrate design, bring change with content and earn reputation for our services. We aim to gift uniqueness as our USP to every project we undertake. With our believing minds and our thinking hearts, we want to earn a name that shouts for itself.


Our Vision Acuity

Our vision is to become a leading and celebrated firm in the industry. We envision to become a trend setter and an admiration to future generations. We want to spread design as love spread through a heart. We want to earn a global name through our services.

We are many, but act as one







Our Back-patters