At Ojas Art, we’re dedicated to redefining the landscape of Indian art through our innovative approach. Our platform serves as a beacon for fresh ideas and perspectives in the contemporary art scene. With a firm commitment to research and social impact, we curate projects that not only push boundaries but also resonate deeply with our […]


Ornare High Gloss Acrylic Panels by Decora Group are the epitome of sophistication. With years of industry expertise and collaborations with leading designers and furniture manufacturers, Ornare offers an unparalleled selection of pre-finished panels to its elite customer base. As India’s first and the world’s largest range of gloss panels, Ornare showcases the latest global […]

The Workroom

The Workroom originated in a spare bedroom, fueled by abundant creativity and a lack of space for material samples. The team is dedicated to crafting aesthetically pleasing and practical spaces tailored to clients’ distinctive requirements. With an emphasis on meticulous attention to detail and individualized service, they aim to transform design aspirations into reality. The […]


FOURINAO, a brand transcending boundaries, draws inspiration from the dichotomy of the square and the circle. Exploring the infinite possibilities of art and design, our garments transform fabric into wearable masterpieces. Embodying the rebellious spirit, FOURINAO rejects confinement to traditional norms, persistently expressing a vision that exceeds the four bounds. For the outliers and the […]

Spring House Coworking

As a social enterprise, Spring House envisions the future of modern economics rooted in collaborative and cooperative cultural spaces. Embracing the ‘shared economy’ concept, it seeks to redefine traditional norms of entrepreneurship, creativity, and commerce. Spring House is dedicated to cultivating environments that foster productivity, innovation, and networking. With customized coworking office spaces strategically located […]


In a world marked by rapid technological advancements and a growing passion for gastronomy, the creators envisioned a harmonious fusion of both. The result is Foodzilla, an application that empowers users to effortlessly order their favorite cuisine from beloved establishments in just a few simple steps. Client Name: Foodzilla Service Type: UI/UX, Branding

Peppy Production

Peppy Production is a creative video production house. They tell the stories you want to share with the world but through videos and effective direction. Peppy Production is a team of talented individuals who continually support each other and grow together. Their love for camera and stories is the backbone of their work and can […]