Terms & Condition

We value transparency and aim to establish a clear understanding between our company and our valued clients. These Terms and Conditions are designed to serve as a framework to ensure a smooth and secure collaboration.

By accessing this website you agree to be bound by these Terms & conditions (“terms”), please read them carefully. If you do not agree to be bound by these terms you should not access or view this website.

Project initiation will be strictly based on confirmation of initial payment. Date of initiation of the project will be intimated to the client once the proposal gets accepted and payment is made.

There are no refunds for any fees paid and the client stays responsible to pay the total amount of fees due for any project.

Wide Shouts Designs reserves the right to suspend or terminate the project if the customer fails to uphold the payment terms even after satisfactory submission of committed deliverables as per plan.

Our team reserves rights to sole ownership to all work done by Wide Shouts Designs, including documents, designs, ideas or any work product, produced by Wide Shouts Designs, and may choose to proceed with what is deemed fit if the Client fails to settle all outstanding issues and dues.

Wide Shouts Designs also withholds the right to suspend or terminate the project if the customer at any point of time misbehaves with our staff or personnel in any given matter.
In the event of violation of agreement, Wide Shouts Designs reserves the rights to take legal actions according to applicable laws.

We will not be held responsible for any liability or losses the client may incur after the termination of the project.

The project cost mentioned in the client quote does not include any travel and related expenses, to the customer’s offices overseas, or outside the city where Wide Shouts Designs is located. Any such costs will be invoiced to the customer separately.

Requirements as mentioned by the client will be concerned as the final scope before commencement of the project.

All charges mentioned for our services are exclusive of tax.

Days mentioned in the quote are in official business days, exclusive of public holidays as per Holiday calendar.

Wide Shouts Designs will not be held responsible for any delays that arise due to lack of communication and support from the client side.

The client should provide the required content/image (if required) once the project has begun.

If the source code or design is modified by the Client without mutual written consent, Wide Shouts Designs will not be held responsible for any errors or complaints.

Any kind of bug fixing after project delivery will be done after communicating with the concerned team. However, past one month of final delivery date, Monthly maintenance charge will be levied for continuation of support.

Wide Shouts Designs will not be held liable for any issues related to the hosting provider. We may provide hosting advice but in events that the advice is not taken upon, the sole responsibility of any loss or maintenance related issues will be that of the clients.